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I do think you need a bottle of madeira on hand at this time of year. It is impossible to feel gloomy or malcontent after a well-chilled glass of Blandy’s Madeira Duke of Clarence Rich (16.5 points out of 20, 8.99-9.49, at Waitrose, Morrisons, Safeway, Asda, Sainsbury’s replica prada bags, Somerfield, Oddbins, Thresher and Unwins). It is not only essential to have beside you when you tackle Araucaria’s Christmas crossword, it’s also splendid with brazil nuts. It Authentic Prada Factory Outlet Online has a creamy, sweet molasses-edged richness, and the slightly burned Best Prada Outlet Italy fruit has charm and depth, yet isn’t throat-clogging.

At the Co-op, there have been some stunning reductions for Christmas in the prices of several excellent wines. The own-label, non-vintage Oak-Aged Tempranillo Valdepenas (15.5 points, down All Prada Nylon Bags to 2.69), from Spain, is a creamy, wildly plummy red that needs spicy food. Take several bottles along with a crowd down to the nearest BYOB balti house.

The Co-op’s own-label Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2002 (16.5 points, 3.99) shows superb berries, classy and correct, with spiced plum, good tannins and teasing spice. The Boulders Petite Sirah 2002, from the US (16 points, 3.99), is ripe yet full of layered berries, done to a turn but not overroasted, with civilised tannins. It finishes with a hint of sweet nut chocolate. Being screwcapped, it will keep fresher for longer and retain its tannicity.

Its white partner is also worth investigating. Boulders Viognier 2002 rates 16.5 points at 3.99. It offers classy, dry apricot with a hint of grilled sesame seed and, again thanks to a screwcap, its vivacity will not quickly fade as it would under a cork. It’s big and concentrated, yet elegant to finish. Last at the Co-op there is French Atlantique Sauvignon Blanc 2002 (15.5 points, 3.99), which is fresh, crisp, nuttily elegant and perfect with smoked fish dishes.

Fast running out at Majestic is Cono Sur Vision Chardonnay 2002 (17.5 points, 7.99, or buy two and get it for 6.79). This classy Chilean is ripe with fat melon and peach, embroidered loosely with citrus and toasted cobnuts. Textured, stylish, engaging and full of finesse yet oomph, this is a charming chardonnay.

Majestic also has two Authentic Prada Factory Outlet Online excellent reds from the Midi. Chteau Guiot Costires de N?mes 2002 (16 points, 4.99, or buy two at 4.49 a bottle) is a syrah and grenache blend of aplomb. It is very full of itself, but restrained from being a fop by finely roasted tannins. Mas de Guiot Cabernet/Syrah Vin de Pays du Gard 2001 (16 points, 6.49, or buy two at 5.99 a pop) shows intense chocolate, roasted berries, fine tannins and grip from beginning to end.

If you need some unguent, urgent sweeties at this retailer, let me first point you in the direction of Taylor’s Quinta de Terra Feita Port 1988 (16.5 points, 17.99, or 15.99 each by the pair), which is curiously dry and deliciously unporty, in that it has more tannin than fruit on the finish and does not cloy the palate. It’s like chewing rare coal. Domaine de Coyeaux Beaumes de Venise 2001 (17 points, 5.99, or buy in bulk and get 50p off) is a half-bottle of the most unusually complex and clotted specimen of fine peach, pineapple and spicy gooseberry. The fine acids complement the waxy fruit splendidly. Chteau de la Guimonire C?teaux du Layon 2001 (16 points, 8.49) has delicious spicy peach and citrus with a clotted-cream, toffee edge. It is very young and will cellar well for five to 15 years more. I confess I adore this manner of Loire chenin blanc after a meal, when it serves as a dessert by itself. It is also excellent with fresh fruit.

One fantastic festive red at a few Fine Wine Oddbins outlets (other branches may be able to order it for you) is Domaine du Clos des Fes Vieilles Vignes C?tes-du-Roussillon 2000 (17.5 points, 16.99). This flaunts wonderful chocolate Authentic Prada Leather Handbag and cocoa Amazon Uk Prada Shoes fruit, very crunchy, with rich tannins. It’s intense, civilised, warm and hugely characterful without being brash or crassly revealing. As the bottle goes down, it shows more sides of itself, as only an exceptional wine can. This is what makes expensive wines such as this such good value.

Superplonk of the Agata Ruiz De La Prada Shop On Line week

Cloudy Bay Pelorus 1998 (18 points, Majestic, 15.99, or buy two and save 20%, also at 20 Tesco branches, and 50 small merchants nationwide).

This is the magnificent new release of the sparkling wine made by the folks who brought you Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc, the wine that so unnerved the good burghers of Sancerre in 1986. That 1998 was the warmest vintage year on record for Marlborough certainly shows in the wine, offering as it does hints of toasty melon and wild raspberry and a serene, smooth delivery.

It’s a pinot noir and chardonnay blend, classically manufactured, with three years on its lees. Cloudy Bay is now Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Messenger Bag largely owned by the champagne house of Veuve Clicquot and I’ve often wondered if the blokes in the Rheims HQ ever taste Pelorus and marvel (or spit in disgust).

Frankly, I’ve tasted 80 bottles Authentic Prada Bags Online Singapore of Krug with less clout, character, complexity and polish than Authentic Prada Nylon Messenger Bag this has and, since there are fewer than 300 cases spread around Majestic stores, it will disappear, I suspect, by around teatime of the day on which this article is published. Tesco’s 20 wine-adviser stores have it – just a case apiece – and some 50 small wine merchants nationwide also stock it.

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