The person who uploaded the video to YouTube

The person who uploaded the video to YouTube, Tooba Amir, said the fight took place inside of a Walmart. The video shows it took about a minute for police to get a hold of the TV and break up the fight. Stafford police said no one was arrested in the brawl.

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“Aren’t they sweet?” asked Ali Petersen, 52, shooing Half Pint, Buttercup and a dozen other cattle across a holding pen. “They’re my babies, every little one of them.”The Petersens once raised normal sized cattle on this stretch of Nebraska’s rolling eastern grasslands, but with skyrocketing feed costs, the couple decided to downsize. They bought minicows compact cattle with stocky bodies, smaller frames and relatively tiny appetites.

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In the girls’ Compound Limited class Celina Trang from Fletcher’s Meadow won the individual crown earning 322 points with Luiza Pirvu of Gordon Graydon second with 317. Jessica Graca from Fletcher’s Meadow took third with 208 points while Samantha Silva from Leger managed fourth with 163 and Shanna Lee Ricketts of Fletcher’s Meadow fifth with 161. Fletcher’s had a total of 808 to take the team title.

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