These are the things you need to have done

These are the things you need to have done, and this is what we want it to look like at the end. We need to do the same thing and I believe that that’s what I can bring to the city council.Curry County officials need your help locating the driver involved in a hit and run.4 cows dead in semi truck rollover4 cows dead in semi truck rolloverUpdated: Saturday, May 6 2017 5:35 PM EDT2017 05 06 21:35:13 GMTA semi truck carrying cattle tipped over on FM 1912 today.A semi truck carrying cattle tipped over on FM 1912 today.What to expect on Saturday’s ballots across the panhandleWhat to expect on Saturday’s ballots across the panhandleUpdated: Friday, May 5 2017 11:28 PM EDT2017 05 06 03:28:56 GMTSource: RNNElection day is Saturday in the panhandle, and here are the big issues being voted on in different cities. Bond Elections The Hemphill County Hospital District is holding an election for a $13.8 million bond.

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