Vanover got a second chance with the Chargers

Vanover got a second chance with the Chargers in 2002 even after admitting to undercover FBI agents that he set up a $40,000 drug deal.”My cynical self says that you can do just about anything in the NFL as long as you perform on the field,” says Stephen Mosher, a sports management expert at Ithaca College in New York.In allowing such second chances, sports experts say, both the league and the fans implicitly acknowledge that players are sometimes recruited from the fringes of society and often from poor, rural areas in the South where activities such as dogfighting, while not legal, may be somewhat acceptable.”You’re not [always] going to get choirboys playing this game, it’s that simple,” says Mr. Mosher. “At the same time, Mike Vick touched the third rail: You don’t mess with people’s pets.”The NFL is conducting its own investigation.

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